Nanonymous 2020-02-12 16:57:17 No.19848
"Socialism is cancer, therefore social media is as bad, if not worse than it."

Introduction [2020-07-22]

There's been a hole in my internet usage ever since I stopped using Facebook and Reddit. I stumbled upon Neocities last night and was immediately intrigued. Clean, simple web pages where people just talk about their interests. I was reminded of Maddox's page, which I used to follow years ago. This should hopefully be a fun use of my time as the eternal quarantine continues. But is it hypocritical of me to make an account on this website when I'm for the decentralization of the internet? I could (and already do) have my own separate website, but the ability to browse and follow other sites on here is why I signed up. I guess I'm not as antisocial as I thought I was.